Cooling wine tanks

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Cooling wine tanks

Elegant double-walled stainless steel wine tanks cooling keeps the temperature of your wine for a long time and you are always offers its guests properly with chilled wine. Nice and interesting gift for birthdays, name days, or under the tree for Christmas ...
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The double-walled stainless steel wine cooler container  is pretty interesting and attention, which will please everyone. Ensuring the correct temperature of your wine for a long time and so you will serve your guests wine is always well chilled. 

Cooling wine vessels is a practical part of every home, restaurant or wine shop. 

Moreover, the stainless steel cooling vessel operates not only very elegant but also practical in terms of hygiene and cleaning ...


The double-walled stainless steel wine cooler container - r Ozmeral:  12 x 19,5 cm, inner diameter: 10.5 cm