Duck terrine with mushrooms 180 g, Jean Brunet

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Duck terrine with mushrooms, 180 g, Jean Brunet

Original recipes French terrine Jean Brunet technology coupled with exceptional quality materials and good taste combinations. Duck terrine with mushrooms are a delicacy that you can reward and enjoy it with a fresh baguette and good wine ...
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Terrines brand. Jean Brunet delicacies are made from quality ingredients without the use of dyes, preservatives and emulsifiers. Very popular terrine of duck terrines are just different flavors - with apples, mushrooms, orange, Armagnac, ginger ...

Terrines brand. Jean Brunet can be stored at room temperature, but is recommended to administer them in fresh chilled bread or other baked goods.


Chicken liver, duck meat 25%, pork meat, pork fat, dried mushrooms 2%, salt, pepper, nutmeg.