Frankovka modrá

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Lemberger was famous already in the 18th century to the royal court of Empress Maria Theresa. Their popularity has maintained to this day - Lemberger is one of the most popular and most popular red wines in Slovakia.


Lemberger wine is deep red in color, which can pass up to dark ruby with purple reflections. The aroma we can find wild fruit, cherries, cherries, plums but also chocolate and cinnamon. The taste is extractive, pleasantly spicy with a typical long-lasting sensations. For a young Lemberger is a typical hardness indications grassy flavor that varies the aging of wine on blackberry tones . Young frankovka is harder flavor with fresh acidity and higher tannins, maturation changes for velvety soft and medium ...


Conventional Lemberger achieve Maturity for 2-4 years, Lemberger Good Year maturing within 4-8 years. Lemberger recommended to be given at 16 to 18 ° C. It is particularly suited to roast meats, to venison, ducks and geese, the stew to eat the viscera of spicy foods to matured cheese, pasta seasoning to modify or even to some pizzas.



Frankovka modrá

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