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Gewurztraminer is a typical variety in the northern wine-growing areas of Europe, but is cultivated in Canada, USA, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. In Slovakia, the Traminer variety officially recognized since 1941st


Tramín name is derived from the name of the Italian village Tramin / Termen. Gewürztraminer is not originally from this village, but the fame of the great wines of Traminer (municipalities) spread Europe since the 13th century. The advantage of the wine growers in the valley of the Rhine and the variety reigns supreme Traminer named their region.


Gewurztraminer is golden yellow wine with bright golden reflections, higher content of glycerol and beautiful aromas of geraniums and roses but also exotic fruit - mango or papaya. Traminer taste is full, robust, spicy and extractive. Wine gives in taste, but a full, dense and rich impression, characterized by a pleasant and long aftertaste.


A typical Gewurztraminer is beautiful and intense flavor and smell. We find him in tones of rose, spices, honey, raisins, apricots, tropical fruits, as well as cinnamon, ginger, liquorice, mango, grapefruit and elder. Maybe it is Gewürztraminer Favorites 'women' drinking.


Gewurztraminer wine is recommended for most spicy dishes Asian cuisine. It is also suitable as an aperitif. It combines a starter, especially with pate and terrines. Sweet Traminer suits and cakes as well as blue cheese and other sheep and goat cheese administered at the end of the meal. 



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