Gift boxes for wine

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Gift boxes for wine are truly sumptuous affair . They are also suitable for the most important social events - elegant, exclusive gift box is a unique promotional gift for even the most respected business partners, it is also suitable for the most important celebrations of anniversaries and weddings.


Each gift boxes produces elegant and luxurious impression , which is compounded by external converting mahogany or black imitation leather, natural bamboo, or inner satin or suede padding.  


But that's not all - Gift boxes also contain useful accessories to wine as a thermometer, corkscrew, ring the neck of the bottle, funnel and other devices depending on the type of gift box.


Very special and very popular as gift box with a glass lid which wines can stand inside already during their donation and, finally pushing branded gift box with a chessboard on top of the box and complete setom game pieces ...


Show your loved ones or business partners how much you care about them and surprise them with luxury gift boxes of


Gift boxes for wine

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