Gift cask brandy Exclusive 1 l

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Gift cask brandy Exclusive 1 l

Wonderful, valuable and extremely elegant gift box for brandy - a combination of natural wood, metal accessories, and 6 cups acts truly representative. Valuable gift suitable for the most important occasions. Great functional designer piece ideal as a gift to the anniversary, the partner or for Christmas. Offer the opportunity to engrave personal dedication ...
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Elegant gift keg 1 l  of natural wood attracts the eye.  A beautiful, yet functional exclusive designer piece in the form of a barrel of metal accessories and operates 6 buds interesting and elegant at the same time. An ideal gift for the major holidays - anniversaries, Christmas, or as valuable pozorrnosť for important business partner . 

Decoration and overall design makes this brandy keg on an exclusive gift item that will please the eye and soul. It is made of high quality material, with perfect surface treatment, in a style that refers to the famous craft and traditionally hand manufacture Slovak craftsmen.

Alcoholic beverage in the gift box succeeds, it says clearly that you have style, elegance and a sense of  the donee you really care about.

Gifted this wonderful gift pack comforted just twice - both alone exclusive, prestigious gift, but also its subsequent use for decorative purposes at home or in the office. 

The value of this undoubtedly classy interior accessories suitable to the apartment or office to increase the personal dedication , which can be an additional cost 6, - EUR put engrave the front or the back of the barrel ...

External dimensions: 26.5 x 22.5 x 24 cm


Note:  The inside of the barrel forms the vessel of stainless steel and non-toxic barrel sold empty - no beverage.)