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For all of you who are looking for a suitable gift for your friends, loved ones, but also business partners, or want to give someone something of value to someone as a thank you ....
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Manufacturer:J. & J. Ostrožovič
The color of the wine:Biele víno
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Valuable gift suitable for the most important social events. Classy and elegant gift that says more about you than you think ...

Gift set J & J Ostrožovič PRESTIGE is an original  gift for your friends or family members for birthdays, name days, or a rare attention to your business partner.

The elegant courtesy set this to please the experts of wine, but the wine "laity". Rare wine collection Special collection of the prestigious Tokaj wine J. & J. Ostrožovič is a gift that you worthily represent a donee it gives to understand that you really care for him ...

Special Council collection is also intended for demanding clients. Wines from this selection edition was devoted to special care and production were used the most modern technology reductive.

Of course there is a gentle processing and controlled fermentation. Thanks to mature the raw material and the technology used, these wines intense and powerful, with long-lasting aftertaste and arómou.V offer Special Edition Collection will also find beautiful and popular wine cuvée Queen Elizabeth and Hank's - great wine aromas and flavors of wine with a strong story.

Wines exclusive colekcie Special Collection are also suitable for special occasions and anniversaries and certainly they will please even the most demanding wine lovers and connoisseurs.

PRERSTIGE gift set includes:


  • Hank's Special Collection 2016, selection of grapes, semi-sweet, 0.75 l

Wonderful cuvée Tokaj Furmint and Lipovina of precious vineyard planted back in 1947 (Hon Makovisko).

Hank's Special Collection 2016 - wine with an interesting golden yellow amber color with beautiful sparkle and with impressive aroma of pear, tamarind molasses framed with aromatic apricot, lemon, honeycomb and gingerbread spices .

Impressive minerality of flavor comprising natural maturity of fruit acids, which elegantly develops beautiful acid balance of residual sugar.

Long, complex structure Furmintu and Lipovina rounded maturation in oak barrels attracts refinement and harmony of all components of wine.  

Tokaj grape varieties Furmint and Lipovina was picked October 28, 2016.

Suggested menu: cards from milk calf slowly roasted in herbs with potato strudel, celeriac puree ragout of wild mushrooms

We recommended to be given:

Hank's Special Collection 2015, selection of grapes, semi-sweet, 0.75 l wine J. & J. Ostrožovič recommended to be given at 8-12 ° C.


  • Wine Queen Elizabeth Special Collection 2016 late harvest, semi-dry, 0.75 l


Aristocratic Wine - Wine Queen Elizabeth, late harvest, r. 2016 received its refinement and elegance of maturation in oak barrels, captivating tones of ripening pears with hints of acacia honey, vanilla and licorice will please all senses ..

Queen Elizabeth wine, late harvest, semi-dry, r. 2016 wine J. & J. Ostrožovič is a wonderful wine year, which was extremely wet, affecting rich harvest. Collection year 2016 has been very generous in quantity of grapes.

Queen Elizabeth wine, late harvest, semi-dry, r. 2016 wine J. & J. Ostrožovič is a beautiful wine full of ripe aromas and life . Maturing in oak barrels highlighted the great character of this wine. See it delicious tones of ripening pear butter with locust caresses and sweet vanilla.

The grapes were picked 19/10/2016 at sugar content 21 NM.

Enjoy it and you in the company of good friends and good quality cigars ....

We recommended to be given:

Queen Elizabeth wine, semi-dry, r. 2014 J. & J. wine Ostrožovič recommended to be administered at 10-11 ° C.

Queen Elizabeth wine is recommended to serve dishes such as roast lamb roulade au gratin with kale and roasted tomato, or dried pork with sheep foam.


You lawnmower and these unique wines from prestigious wineries J & J Ostrožovič highly regarded professionals and the general public, in an elegant gift box ...