Luxury chocolate

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Luxurious, perfect, 100% original, handicrafts chocolate brands CHOCOME - that's right sweet temptation, which shall be in the form of flowing chocolate on your tongue just can not resist .... Privoňajte to clean smell amazing chocolate CHOCOME , Feel beautiful scent of fresh fruit or different kinds of nuts in it and enjoy the beautiful color combination of dark, milk and white chocolate, which forms the basis of the famous Belgian Callebaut chocolate.


Each chocolate is hand made, hand-decorated and well packaged original - thanks to the luxury package and a unique, elegant look of chocolate is chocoMe perfect gift . Man, you want to give a present will not only wonderful pleasure of exceptional taste of chocolate, but also a beautiful visual experience, so your gift will really be able to enjoy all the senses.


Also available is Willie's Cacao - real, honest plantation chocolate from Mr Willie Harcourt-Cooze which in 2008 was declared "chocolate Person of the Year", author of the book "Chocolate Bible, which became in 2011 the cook of the year. Chocolate Willie's Cacao one of the few in the world are dedicated to producing chocolate from cacao cultivation to the finished product.


No less interesting are popular chocolate delicacy delicious chocolate and caramel cream Grashoff German company with an incredible tradition since 1872. Chocolate creams are suitable for cakes, pancakes, to tart cream but just for the gourmet spoon more pleasant day.


Luxury chocolate

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