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Mead - honey wine with soul

Mead  is a fermented, always been a popular low-alcohol drink made of honey solution. The history of this great fluid is traced back in ancient times, honey was part of everyday life in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome ..


Mead, however, intimately knew the Celts, Germans, and not least the ancient Slavs. Just for them was mead festive drink , which had its important place in various ceremonies, but also in everyday life.


Depending on the type of recipe ingredients and know the three basic categories of mead:


  • Traditional mead
  • herbal mead
  • mead fruit


Mead Slovak producer was excellent quality , as evidenced by the fact that Slovakia currently holds more awards from world competitions mead honey and mead, which organizes the World Federation of beekeeping Apimondia. Significant achievements reached Slovak mead and the largest commercial world competition mead Mazer Cup in the USA.



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