Miluron Cuvée Blueberry & Aronia, brand fruit wine, 0.75 l

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Cuvée Blueberry & Aronia, brand fruit wine, 0.75 l

Cuvée Blueberry & Aron is a delicious fruity glass of wine, which blends the taste of Blueberries and Black chokeberry. Combining these two fruits originated wine that will enchant you with deep violet color, balanced sweetness, soft tannins, while bitterish taste Aaron. Cuvée Blueberry take care of the pleasant interplay of flavors in your mouth and you uplift your body and soul.
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The color of the wine:Červené víno
Attribute:akostné víno
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Delicious fruity wine which blends delicious taste of wild blueberries with healing Aronii čiernoplodou . Their connection was created cuvée points that will enchant you with a beautiful dark purple color, sweetness balanced with fine acidity and aftertaste typical Black chokeberry. 

 Cuvée Blueberry & Aron has beneficial effects on body and mind and take care of a great dining experience. It contains valuable vitamins, it is rich in tannins, antioxidants, acids and minerals.

In the mouth, leaving a delicious taste of fruit interwoven with delicate scent of pine and spruce trees, full sun from the mountain slopes of Slovakia. This unique precious fluid heals body and uplifts the soul.

We recommended to be given:

We recommend administered chilled to 8 ° C to 12 ° C.

Characteristic of wine:

  • Alcohol: 12.0%
  • Acid Content: g / l
  • Sugar content: g / l
  • Origin: Slovakia