Welschriesling - Lower Orešany 2015 late harvest, dry, 0.75 l

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Mrva & Stanko

Welschriesling - Lower Orešany 2015 late harvest, dry, 0.75 l

One of the best Welschriesling winery Mrva & Stanko for last 5-6 years. A beautiful, honey-spicy fragrance full of wild flowers harmoniously matched with a slightly spicy, delicious flavor enriched by pleasant acidity - try :)
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Manufacturer:Mrva & Stanko
The color of the wine:Biele víno
Variety:Rizling vlašský
Attribute:neskorý zber
Sugar content:Suché
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Great Welschriesling - undoubtedly one of the best you in the winery Mrva & Stanko placed on the market in the last 5-6 years. 

Let abduct you and its a beautiful, honey-spicy scent , a bouquet of exquisite tones of meadow flowers and ripe grapes.

Pleasant impression of smell is enhanced by harmonious, juicy, balanced flavor . Characteristics of good wines from Lower Orešany nájtete also in this wine. Strength, pleasant and mild piquancy korenistosť predetermine this wine for a pleasant chat with friends at barbecues, or in gastronomy.

Welschriesling - Lower Orešany 2015 late harvest wine is nice, yellow-green, with a delicious fruity aroma, especially pears, enriched by delicate korenistosť and honey and butter-peanut perceptions. The wine is mineral, solid, earthy, with a strong juiciness. 

We recommend serving:

The wine recommended to be given at 11 to 13 ° C. It is the ideal partner for fish, but also various specialties treated grilled veal meat and a spicy vegetable salad.

Characteristic of wine:

  • Alcohol: 12.5%
  • The sugar content of the grapes: 21.2 ° NM
  • Acidity: 6.36 g / l
  • Sugar content: 3.3 g / l