J. & J. Ostrožovič

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J & J Ostrožovič - for those letters is hiding a beautiful, almost incredible story of two interesting people - Jaroslav Ostrožovič and his wife. Winemakers dedicated Tokaj, who know that good wine is one that has the ability to make people happy, open heart and mind, who know that good Tokaj can not do without love, without hard and honest work, and without respect for the land, which gives wines brand Ostrožovič their uniqueness ...


That wine brands Ostrožovič meet these conditions proves not only constantly growing circle of fans of wine and a large number of medals from Slovak and international exhibitions, but also the fact that only three wines produced Ostrožovič were included among the thousands of the best wines of the world ...


Therefore, if you want a real touch of Tokaj, the flavor full of prunes and figs, and also of the highest quality chocolate and then enjoy a long-lasting aftertaste soft tones of coffee and raisins - then reach for the wine brand Ostrožovič.


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J. & J. Ostrožovič

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