Pereg - black currant and fruit wines

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PEREG - extremely popular Modranské industry, especially known for its fruit wines blackcurrant and healing Black chokeberry. Probably the most famous wine of Peregu However cuvee currant and Black chokeberry who know at home and abroad under the name Cuvée Black Pereg.


The fact that the Peregu fruit wines are among the best, not only demonstrates the huge interest the general public, as well as a number of awards and medals in various competitions such as the Champion of the exhibition Great American International Wine Competition 2018.


Pereg produces exclusive wines, as evidenced by the fact that they are used by the best in the industry - renowned chefs and sommeliers, many awards for their creativity and professionalism.


Enjoy ye also with their black currant wine and find that the Peregu it with fruit wines just know ...


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Pereg - black currant and fruit wines

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