Pinot blanc

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Pinot Blanc (Pinot Blanc) is pleasant, full-bodied, elegant and harmonious wine yellow to golden-yellow color with a green tinge. Its taste is rich, full and long lasting. It is a wine rich in extractives, harmonious and elegant. 


To "correct" Pinot Blanc is crisp with a pleasant acidity with a wide-ranging pleasant smells and tastes like notes of pear, lime blossom, peach, red fruit, as well as hazelnuts and almonds, bread crust, vanilla, smoke and fine. Pinot Blanc is suitable for medium-term archiving of about 2-4 years. We recommend administered with temperatures 9-11 ° C.


Pinot Blanc is a decent wine suitable for administration even at the ceremony. Suitable for meat dishes, the less significant modifications of beef and pork, smoked and roasted the fish, the cheese with noble rot, the pate and meat Uden.


Pinot blanc

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