Pivnica Radošina

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The first written records of the wines from the village Radošina has come from the 15th century. At that time, only three municipalities in Slovakia had a coat of arms vineyard theme, and one of them has just been Radošina.


Culture of wine imported into the village in medieval French monks whose task was to select suitable locations and varieties for growing vines. And so in Radošine they began to grow native varieties of French Burgundy wines (Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Pinot noir), in the region called Klevner. This was actually the first time the occurrence of gray Burgundy (Pinot Gris) in Slovakia.


The importance of wine Radošinského evidenced by the fact that in addition to Maria Theresa and myself Hungarian ruler Matthias Corvinus The local wine tasted when visiting 25/01/1472. In more recent history, is perhaps the best-known event when Radošinský Klevner served at the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II. Queen he had the opportunity to taste again in 2008, when it was served at the reception on the occasion of her visit to Slovakia. He tasted the Queen of the Netherlands Beatrix and Pope John Paul II ...


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Pivnica Radošina

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