High quality gourmet coffee

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You know the great feeling when the cup in front of you lovely smells good quality, freshly roasted coffee from the best plantations of the world. Then it does not matter whether it is morning or evening, whether you're at work or at home, alone or with friends - really good cup of gourmet coffee plantation (single origin) or balanced delicate coffee mixture (blend) takes you into the world of being, peace, rest and pleasant relaxation.


We offer exclusive, selective plantation gourmet coffee beans from the world's most famous plantations, coffee roasted fair old way - traditional technology for the roasting drum machine with double hand transposition of coffee beans. Before the roasting of the hand thinning exclude any defective, unsuitable beans after roasting followed by further manual sorting, which eliminated all prepražené nedopražené and coffee beans - you are so confident that the brand coffees BARZZUZ into your cup will get the very best from the world of coffee .....


Enjoy a magical moment of peace with a cup of fragrant coffee on offer quality vino-obchod.sk.


High quality gourmet coffee

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