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Riesling is one of the best, most popular and most common white varieties. It is believed that it comes from the territory of today's Germany, in particular the valley of the river Rhine. The national seed book of the Slovak Republic is the variety registered since 1941st


A typical Riesling is light yellow-green color, with increasing maturity acquires golden to amber hues. Riesling is a wine of a wide range of aromas and flavors depending on the soil and years. We find in it spicy, mineral, earthy tones, as well as floral notes and tones of fruit fruits. The typical smell after lime and meadow flowers. Muscat may also be a peach. The taste is fresh, ripe, pleasantly spicy in aroma and flavor with hints of peaches, apples, citrus and apricot and pineapple. The wide range of flavors and fragrances can find honey, marzipan, almonds, raisins, mineral notes and linden blossom. The flavor can be perceived spicy acidity with delicate aromatics that attracts unobtrusive but prolonged sensations.


Riesling is the ideal wine for archiving, Maturity achieved within 1-5 years. The recommended for administration is 10-12 ° C.


Riesling is suitable for cold starters, meat dishes, a fine cheese, poultry, fish, mostly freshwater IKK vegetable specialties. In general, the sweet selections are suitable for desserts, cabinets for cold starter and veal meat and late harvest fish for trout and in various forms.



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