Rustic gift boxes and boxes for wine

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Vianoce_2016_1200_x_300_-_Darčeková_krabička_BLACK_LEATHER_s_vinárskou_súpravou_4_pomôcok.jpg Vianoce_2016_1200_x_300_-_darčeková_krabičky_-_vývrtky.jpg Vianoce_2016_1200_x_300_-_darčekové_boxy.jpg Vianoce_2016_1200_x_300_-_J&J_Ostrožovič.jpg Vianoce_2016_1200_x_300_-_MS_1.jpg Vianoce_2016_1200_x_300_-_MS_2.jpg Vianoce_2016_1200_x_300_-_Ploskačka.jpg Vianoce_2016_1200_x_300_-_rustikálne_truhlice.jpg
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Rustic gift boxes for wine are taught to all who drink wine seen as part of gastronomic culture and long tradition. Rustic wine boxes its own design, motifs and finish referring to the wine tradition and culture.


Rustic gift boxes - their decoration, material and overall design makes them versatile, valuable gift item that will decorate any interior decent apartment, private wine shops and restaurants and enrich the atmosphere of a wonderful rural charm and tradition ...


Rustic gift boxes and boxes for wine

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