Tokay wine

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The world famous Tokaj selections are made ​​exclusively from Tokaj varieties oxidative technology. Their production part and parcel of hand-picked cibeba - healthy berries contested noble form of fungus Botrytis cinerea, which disrupts peel, and thus removed from the berries and concentrated sugar water. Raisins are unique and are created just for Tokaji.


Tokaj wine selection is very difficult. Historically they used for collecting the so-called raisins. Putnam, wooden containers to the back, which can hold about 25 kg raisins. By adding 3 Putnam ie 75 kg raisins in 136 liters of wine in the so-called autogenous. Gonska barrel arises Tokaj 3 puttonyos. Since cibeba are generated on average only every third to fifth year, Tokay selection can not be produced on a regular basis. That is rarer ...


Tokay wine

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