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Wines US brand represents MOGEN DAVID


Mogen David is a company based in Westfield in New York state with a history since 1933, which produces wine with a kosher certificate.


Label "Kosher Certificate Triangle K" can be found on every bottle of wine Mogen David. 



Company Name Mogen David arose from the Yiddish pronunciation of the Hebrew connection Magen David, which literally means "Shield of David". The symbolic significance of transferring the connection refers to the six-pointed star of David.


At the beginning of California's Wine company bottled medicinal and sacramental wine. In 1941 he changed its name to Wine Corporation of America and began producing wine from Concord grape juice (or concentrate) supplied grape growers from New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan later.


Mogen David wine is 100% certified as Kosher and ideal for a variety of holidays and family or friendly meetings. All manufacturing processes Mogen David wine are carefully aligned with kosher practices.


Labeling Kosher Certificate Triangle to be found on every bottle of wine Mogen David marked as "Kosher for Passover" for your enjoyment. More on Passover and therefore the feast of Passover, for example, can be read at

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