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Zweigeltrebe   - this variety was bred in 1922. varieties to breed Fritz Zweigelt at the Federal Institute for viticulture and fruit growing from crossing of St. Laurent and Lemberger.


That is one of the most Zweigeltrebe black grapes grown in the wine regions of Lower Austria and the Neusiedlersee merit legendary Austrian winemaker Dr. Lenz Moser. Growing varieties Zweigelt is successfully spreading all over Europe - with this variety you may encounter in Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, the former Yugoslavia, the Czech Republic and of course in our country - Slovakia. Small plantations are in Canada (Ontario and British Columbia)


Zweigelt wine is full of flavor, soft tannins and a distinctive aroma . The color of the wine is ruby red. The aroma is delicate wine, we can occur in cherries, plums. The flavor is delicate after maturing, harmonious, with fine tieslovinkou. Zweigeltrebe The aroma after maturing in barrels surprising fruity-spicy aroma and soft and velvety taste, which you will find blackberries, cherries and wild fruit. Vínko is suitable for medium-term archiving.


Zweigelt is recommended to administer the gently spicy meat dishes, pheasant, steak, but also with beef with sweet sauces, pasta and cheese.