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Anton Uhnák Winery has a rich history. The first written mention of the Uhnákov family is from 1665 from Čajkov. Since then, the Uhnákov family has been linked to viticulture and viticulture in the Tekov region. The current “head of the winery” Anton Uhnák has been the 12th generation of this important wine-growing family ....

Anton Uhnák Winery produces wines exclusively from its own vineyards - grapes are grown exclusively in Čajkov on an area of ​​about 5 hectares of vineyards in the pursuit of Sadovie, Podhorie, Vinná Dolina and Deberča.

Annual wine production is 40 000 liters of wine. The assortment consists mainly of traditional varieties Tekovského terroiru - Pesecka leánka (Feteasca regala), Grüner Veltliner, Rizling, Pinot blanc (Pinot Blanc) and Blaufränkisch…

The wines of the Uhnák winery are characterized by their natural character - they use only the natural yeasts found in the grapes.

Wine processing and production is carried out using modern technologies, but in Uhnák winery they like to experiment, especially during the fermentation process.

The unique character and minerality of the wines of the brand Anton Uhnák adds a unique tufa and andesite bedrock originating from the volcanic rocks of the Štiavnica Mountains.


Anton Uhnák Winery

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