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Here are some reasons why to shop with us:

As well as you, many buyers are wondering whether they buy with us pays, whether it is buying with us safe, as transport or payment. This page will try to summarize the main advantages that you buy in our title brings.

Why Us

  • In our secure shopping - our shop is certified  Slovak Association for Electronic Commerce (SAEC) - Certificate
  • On purchases over 58 EUR you have free shipping anywhere in Slovakia
  • Wine delivery within 24 hours , if at us out orders until about 15.00 hrs on the second working day often already in the morning you anywhere in the world consignment delivered to your chosen address) We are probably (compare the regular 11 biggest e-shop with wine in Slovakia ) the fastest e-commerce for wine in Slovakia.
  • Personal collection ready in one hour for the personal pick for you we prepare shipment and tax documents in one hour ...                                               
  • Shipment of items to 2 hours Did you know that over 85% of orders ships and 120 minutes of receipt of an order (for payment "cash on delivery") respectively. 120 minutes from receipt of payment to our current account?
  • Sending wine bottles since 1 - do not restrict you to "cardboard" packaging that is that you have to book with us from every kind of wine only multiples of 6 fl, or that the order was made up of several types of wines, but always in multiples of 6 fl.
  • hot-line - from 9.00 to 20.00
  • The possibility of personal receipt of goods also in the evenings and on weekends With us you are guaranteed individual attention - if you need to implement personal collection orders in the evening or on weekends like to suit you - you only need the phone, or by email to arrange the date and approximate time of receipt.
  • Bank transfer in 5 banks and credit card payment option. We have prepared an extremely wide variety of payment instruments. In addition to our cash payments in the personal collection of the goods, you pay for goods on delivery, transfer to a bank account in one of the following five banks (UCB, VUB, SLSP, ČSOB, TB) and on our website, you can also use the option of payment by credit card
  • The possibility of sending gifts with dedication for you who want to please svoijm loved ones, family members, friends, colleagues or business partners, we have prepared a variety of gift sets to which you can choose the right greeting card - whether it's jubilee, name-day, birthday , wedding iinú no significant opportunity. Just choose the right gift and select the greeting that you like and notes when ordering inscribe the text greeting cards ...
  • Guarantee - prices do not change, you can rest assured that we are buying wine at the same price today, but also at Christmas or in those parts of the year when after wines increased interest.
  • A portfolio of exclusive wines - one of the few stores in Central Europe, we offer exclusive wines from Bordeaux, which represent the best that the world of wine has to offer.
  • Reliable storage of wine (maintenance of quality) . The wines that we offer are stored in the warehouse with its own air conditioner and heat recovery air handling unit, without access to daylight. We are trying to store your wine in optimum conditions, in order to preserve their quality and potential for you.
  • All wines real stock (in exceptional cases, eg. In the greater order of one kind or if in a short period of time we receive more orders for the same item, it may be that we are at any given time at such item sold out. In those few cases to apologize)
  • Wines directly from the winemakers (maximum quality preservation) ideally stored wines from various wineries go directly to us ...
  • SMS and mail communication. About submitting your order we will inform you by e-mail or SMS message,