Pinot noir

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Pinot Noir (Pinot Noir) is a beautiful, elegant red variety with a French pedigree.   Slovakia was registered in 1941. Pinot Noir can impress with its elegance, refinement and fullness which is maturing in the bottle escalating. Pinot Noir is therefore suitable for long-term archiving .


Pinot Noir is ruby to brick red, gorgeous, silky wine full of flavor, with low acidity and a really fine and elegant tannins well. The aroma we can find a whole range of pleasant tones - strawberries, plums, raspberries, cranberries, jasmine, mint, violets, plums, but also spicy notes and hints of chocolate, coffee, cloves and almonds. When barikovaných wines, these tones enriched with cream and vanilla impressions.


Pinot Noir is worth administered in the largest glasses that allow the wine to breathe and aerate well. It will reward you by presenting the best of what each other has ...


Pinot Noir goes well with roasted meat, fine adjustments to the game, but also feathered venison and poultry. It should be also a dish of mushrooms and many kinds of cheese and also to sit with cake.


Pinot noir

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