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Portuguese wine-growing has a rich and glorious history. After all, who does not know the famous liqueur wines, port and madeira, but delicately fruity, light red and sparkling white Portuguese wine, known for its excellent quality-price ratio.


There treble doubt that the concept of wine from Portugal, most of us think of Port wine. Port wine  (also known as  PortoOporto  and the original  Vinho do Porto ) is a fortified wine that is produced in the valleys along the Douro River in northern Portugal.


This is a typical red wine with a higher proportion of residual sugar (often presented as a dessert wine). It occurs in dry, semi-dry and sometimes white variant. Fortified wines of similar style are produced outside Portugal, within the European Union but is marking Porto reserved as a mark of origin only for products of Portuguese origin.


"It should feel like the stomach fire, it would burn like gunpowder ignited, it should have a shade of ink, it should be sweet like Brazilian sugar and aromatic Indian spices like." These words written in 1754 representatives of the Association of Port Wine shippers. This vivid description of the port more than adequately portrays the great "wine after dinner," as we know it ...


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Portuguese wines

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