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Pavelka & Son Winery - wine brands Pavelka from the Small Carpathian wine region each year are among the best that Slovak wine world has to offer. Pavelka wines are unique by nature given the uniqueness of the area in which the wine vineyards are Pavelka. 


"Flagship" brand Pavelka is undoubtedly PAVES red - red barrique great cuvées Cabemet varieties Sauvignon, Lemberger and Neronet having and its white counterpart.


For lovers of lighter, harmonious and elegant wines is offered wine Pavelka range of wines labeled Chateau Zumberg.


We believe that the wines Wineries Pavelka refer to "their" wine and yours.


We wish you a pleasant buying wine Pavelka in our online wine shop


Pavelka & son Winery

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