Gift Box CHESS + 5 wine aids

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Christmas gift Box CHESS + 5 wine aids

Christmas gift Box CHESS + 5 wine aids

Extremely popular gift box with a full set of chess game pieces and a set of practical 5 wine tools. Original gift for birthdays, name days, or under the tree for Christmas, or as kind attention to a business partner ...
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Gift Box CHESS + 5 devices wine is popular and certainly origálny gifts that will please everyone. Practical set of wine devices find use in any home or business, at celebrations and social gatherings. 

Moreover, part of this gift set is the original solution set of a chess player.  This gift  is used as soon as three short set of practical wine devices that your application will certainly sooner or later find such a small portable chess (such as roads), as well as a nice decorative item in the home or office ...


CHESS wooden gift box contains a set of 5 useful aids :

  • opener 
  • stopper
  • ring on the neck of the bottle
  • thermometer
  • toy figurines and chess playing field


Gift set dimensions: 15.0 x 17.0 x 4.5 cm