Mâconnais, Chablis

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Maconnais - attractiveness of this wine region lies in its fruit white wines ( Chardonnay ). Quality wines from the region for the last 10-15 years due to modernization and investment in technology has increased significantly, especially so superior wines from Pouilly-Fuissé and surrounding today compete with wines from Chablis, and Côte de Beaune.
The soil in the Maconnais the limestone, the top layer consisting of the stones, sometimes clay or loamy sand. The principal varieties grown in this region are Chardonnay and Gamay.

J Chablis appellation much further with a decisive share of white grape varieties - Chardonnay. This area is not only climate but also geologically as akin Champagne Burgundy.

The soil in Chablis is made ​​up of two types of calcium clay ( kimeridžský and Portland ) that share a common geologic origin. Best Chablis wines are delicious, rich and complex with exclusive mineral finesse.


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