Rariga Danube Barrique 2016 DSC, quality wine, dry, 0.75 l

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Danube barrique 2016, D.S.C., quality wine, dry, 0,75 l

Danube barrique 2016, D.S.C., quality wine, dry, 0,75 l

Danube amazing beautiful ruby ​​color full of beautiful fruit flavor carbonated soft tones of ripe fruit berries and chocolate. This excellent Slovak wine, matured 10 months in barrique barrels have to immediately subjugates ...
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The color of the wine:Červené víno
Attribute:akostné víno
Sugar content:Suché
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Danube Barrique, DSC, vintage 2016 wine of beautiful dark ruby color with purple reflections that we would immediately give  its attractive, concentrated aroma of dark berries and small berries. The wonderful fragrance will discover also tones of oak and dark chocolate, the wine gained maturing in oak barrels.

Its beautiful, full extractive taste and higher alcohol content refresh notes of cherry and blackcurrant. The higher the alcohol content (14.0%) is well balanced pleasant sweet tannin. A wonderful aftertaste full of juicy tannins in the form of ripe cherries with subtle hints of smoke give this wine a noble character .

The wine has considerable potential for aging 3-5 years , so it still can archive and future home to the rare moments in which can be dignified and elegant companion.

Danube Barrique, DSC, year 2016 - this sleek, powerful wine is made from high quality grapes Slovak novošľachtenca, created by crossing varieties (Muscat Bouchet Oporto x) x St. Laurent. Long maceration on the skins in conjunction with the 10 monthly maturation of wine in barrels barrique enabled the development of a rich variety of tastes and flavors of this wonderful wine with a Southern distinctive character.

We recommended to be given:

The beautiful Danube barrique, DSC, Year 2016  recommended to be administered at 16-18 ° C in the cup of red wine in a volume of 500-650 ml, for the opening of the delicate flavor of wine, we recommend decanting into a decanter.

The wine goes well with dishes such as venison ragout with cranberries and marble dumplings, beef rolls with mushrooms on tarhona, steak, beef tenderloin, Venison tartare with toast, hard cow cheese

Characteristic of wine:

  • Alcohol: 14.0%
  • Sugar Content of Grapes: 25,5 ° NM
  • Acid Content: g / l
  • Sugar content: g / l
  • Origin of grapes: Nitra wine region - a village Vinohrady nad Váhom - hunt Pink Mountain